Monday, June 7, 2010


Well, I say I like to ride in the mud and I got my wish. Monsoon. Hail. MUD. Fun. By design I wanted to start slow. I just wanted to finish. Little did I know that was a big mistake. I got stuck behind riders who had to walk A lOT. It was pretty miserable because of that. Going into the singletrack I was actually off of my bike and waiting in line to enter the singletrack. It took forever!!! At times I was laughing (or else I'd cry) because it was so painful to go so slow.

Basically, there was nowhere to go. There was a train of riders in front of me and a train behind me. Even if I did pass a few people I still wasn't going anywhere. I made it to Aid Station 3 and it took 7 + hours!!! It was insane. My pit crew/ family was there and I pulled the plug. They were very supportive of my being a quitter. Maybe a little too supportive? Well, at least they had Mike. Now I know you have to start faster at Mohican or you will get bunged up in the singletrack. Once my dad (nudge nudge wink wink) figures out how to download photos I will post a few of me in all of my glory.

At least Mike had a good day...

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