Monday, August 2, 2010

I Survived the Dark Horse 40 and Got My Bell Rung

Operation Finish a Freakin' Race finally was successful. I chose to ride Gus the Bus (aka the Canyonero) for this one. There's a lot less to think about on an SS. I'm still a hot mess on gears. Getting better. But I still have my issues. I can grind gears like no other. The noises I can get to come out of my geared bike's drivetrain are pretty special. I didn't need 40 miles of that.

Besides the comical downhill start on an SS the first 7 miles or so went pretty fast. On Orchard I had a little road rage issue and tried to pass in what I now know was not a good spot. Someone jumped on my wheel to come with me and caught my back wheel. That knocked me off my line and I locked handlebars with the guy I was passing and the next thing I knew I was eating it. I went down pretty hard. I was mostly concerned with the new glasses that were delivered earlier that week, not my face and appendages. I was pissed. If they were broken someone was going to get it...I kind of remember getting back on the bike. I'm pretty sure I was ghost riding for some time after that. Webb confirmed after the race that I was pretty out of it and somewhat nasty to him when he tried to help me. Sorry Webb! I do apologize!

Thanks to GTLuke for the pics!

By the time I got into the Beaver Pond trails I was feeling it. The arm was hurting. I could still grip the handlebar. It was opening my hand that was the issue. Good thing I didn't need to do that. I was finishing. I was pissed I crashed and I was finishing.

During the second lap the dreaded cramps came. I was afraid one more forceful pedal stroke would send my legs into the cramps from which there are no return. For anyone who's ever cramped on an SS you know what I'm talking about. It something that can't be replicated on a geared bike. Nothing like watching your kneecap jump up and down when you're standing still.

Turns out I finished and won the Women's SS. Today I have the usual DH40 hangover of stiffness and fatigue with an added bonus of abrasions, bruises, and a hairline fracture to the ulna. So worth it!

Two dorks trying to get a podium shot.


It turned out to be a great day and a great race. Thanks to everyone at Dark Horse for making it happen. You guys put a crazy amount of work into it and it shows. Thank you!


  1. "the next thing I knew I was eating it. I went down pretty hard."
    That's what she said

    You're awesome Joc!

  2. I would be honored if you would come to The Bottle Ride on 9/26- winner of the DH40 SS is a huge pedigree. Congrats on your win!

    For your consideration:

    Drag Mike along!

  3. I would love to come to The Bottleride. It looks awesome. Unfortunately, I will be cursing and suffering that weekend as I haul my fat ass up all those climbs at the VT 50!! Definately next year!