Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Eat More Salad

Some of Team Toasted Head headed to the MASS Relay this past weekend in Marysville, PA. I was stoked to do this event and to do a three man relay with the other ladies on my team. I'd heard great things about the event and it delivered. Weather was beautiful, fun was had and there was a bit of pain involved as well. Trifecta. We also got to pick up and wear the team kit for the first time. You know that saying, "Ten pounds of sausage in a five pound bag"? Truer words have never been uttered. We tried on the fit kits in December and I ordered "up". Ummmm.....yeah. They are TIGHT. The kit actually felt great on the bike because nothing was moving around or shifting (as it was fused to my body). As soon as I got off the bike I felt I needed a robe to cover myself. 

The short, violent efforts were a little startling for this girl. I ran a spinnier gear than I would have preferred, but in the end I knew it would be a good character builder for me. At the end of the relay, I didn't feel like I had done much. I walked up the driveway that night and my legs buckled underneath me. I got in the door and sat down and I could still taste "bloody lung". That's a sign of a good day.

For those of you who will see me at upcoming races: My apologies. Avert your eyes. Twigs and berries for me from here on out.

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