Monday, February 3, 2014

Meanwhile, somewhere in AZ...

I headed out to Tucson to do SSAZ again this year. I find that it's a good fitness and technical skills reality check. There was a change up to this year's course which included a shuttle to the start up the Mt. Lemmon Highway. The bikes followed in a Uhaul. The shuttle ride up felt a bit like this:

I even think there was a guy with a goat. I was waiting for a chicken to weave its way through the bodies. I wish I had words for the smells emitting from said bodies. By saying there was some pants shitting and that I got a contact buzz off the guy's breath next to me should give you somewhat of  an idea.

Once we were dropped off there was the waiting for the bikes to be unloaded:

After that some quick words and we were off to play on our singlespeeds for hours.

People ask me if it's a party or a race. The answer is yes.

Any course that ends with La Milagrosa is bound to be a good time.

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