Monday, November 30, 2009

I Picked a Bad Time to Start Taking My Meds...

I've been a bad patient for the past few months. I haven't wanted to start taking methotrexate again even though my doctor prescribed and recommended it. So I waited and waited and did more research. Two weeks ago I started. Yes, I had the usual pain in the ass side effects--hot, barfy and yucky the day after I take it. This will get better if I remember correctly from my first bout with the drug years ago. I'm mostly just really PISSED because this weekend is Dark Horse Beer Cross and I CAN'T drink!!! It's a BIG no-no with methotrexate.

Now I have to do the stupid dizzy baseball shtick and make a total ass of myself (like that wouldn't have happened with the drinking). I see barfing in the future. If I could have only procrastinated another couple of weeks. I can't even get procrastination right!

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