Monday, January 18, 2010

Near Miss

ac·ci·dent-prone (ks-dnt-prn)
Having or susceptible to having a greater than average number of accidents or mishaps.

Yes, that's me...let's just recap my last few years shall we?

2007 Broke the ball off my humerus.Two months of my arm in a sling. Went on to break my hand
2008 3 Herniated discs.OUCH. Still enjoying the aftermath of that
2009 Endocarditis, Erlichia, etc. It was a BAD year!!
2010 ?????

Okay, so the heart thing wasn't an accident. It was my damn auto immune system. Still it hasn't been a pretty last few years. I haven't had one full year where I've been without injury and/or illness. I'll take the everyday "illness" that I have to deal with. That's not really a choice. It's the secondary illnesses or accidents that I need to be a little more careful about.

So this past Thursday I got lucky. Mike and I thought for sure I had a broken foot. The truck ran me over in our driveway. Yes, you read that correctly.Truck. Own driveway. Ran me over.

To make a long story short I was warming up the truck and went to get in and the emergency brake gave way. I tried to put my foot on the brake (not a good idea as the truck is moving backwards), I fell out on my tail bone, the door knocked me over, dragged me down he driveway, truck ran over my right foot. Laughing, yet? I was stunned and laying in the driveway. I watched as the truck careened down the driveway towards the car, missed it, and hit a tree. I was worried about the truck. Then all I could really think about is that the day before work gave me a new PDA and I could see it laying a few feet away in the snow. Seriously, I should be a product tester. You should see what I can do to a laptop.

Once the initial shock had subsided I was pissed. I cannot be hurt again!!

I haven't been without illness or injury for an entire year in quite some time. This is my mission this year. I'm always going to have to deal with whatever my body throws me on the auto-immune front. However, I'm REALLY making an effort to not have anymore dumbass mishaps this year. I'm going to make an effort to listen to my body, wear bug spray (damn ticks), and stay away from infectious sick people.

So stay away form me if you're coughing, snotting, or feverish. Seriously. I don't need the H1N1 added to my list. I've never really been a germaphobe in that respect. Put me on immunosuppressants and I become a maniac. Seriously. I will spray you with Lysol and Purell you down people. Don't take it personally. I'm really trying to make it through 2010 HEALTHY. Game on. DEFCON 1.

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