Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back Yard Agains

What's that big ball in the sky?

This past week it was so nice to get back in the trails at home. The road riding by us is sublime but it's spring and it's time to get back into the woods. No packing, no fuss, no muss....just take what you need and go. I was so excited to see the sun on Thursday I couldn't contain myself. My legs still had a SS hangover. I had planned on taking Bigs on a nice easy ride on the park roads. That didn't happen. Well, it happened for about a half hour until I decided to roll into sitting bear and "take a picture". I was a goner. The sweet Waway riding was calling me. Recovery schmecovery.

Sitting Bear

I started off exhausted and stale and ended up smiling and having a blast. I just lost myself in the ride. It was so great to be back in the tech. I was riding sections that I'm usually hit-or-miss on like a rock star. I was in the zone and it was great. I came home smiling and telling Mike how great I felt and how well I was riding. I got the "sure you did" look. In our house this phenomenon is called "Alone Star".

Mike: You're going to be sore as shit tomorrow. You did too much.

Me: Meh. I'll be fine.

I wasn't fine. I felt worse than I did Monday morning. The giant chocolate chip cookie dough sundae that I hammerd was not the miracle recovery food I had hoped it would be. I added the extra spoon in the photo for effect. Mike would have pulled back a stump had he attempted to even try it. It's kind of like going through the drive-thru and ordering two drinks because the amount of food you ordered for one person is shockingly gluttonous and god forbid a fast food worker judge you and think you are a fat bastard.

This cookie sundae should have it's own fb page

Rock gardens, I have missed you.

Oh mountain biking are fickle if you are anything. I believe the term for Saturday is "hot mess" or "shit show". Saturday, I had a day. It was raining and slimy. Usually, I dig those conditions. Not Saturday. My balance was wonky, my bike felt like a medieval torture device and I'm pretty sure I would have scored high on the psychopathy checklist. I wanted to take my bike and launch it across the trail and then stomp on it and then throw it again and then kick and rip the chain-rings off and then throw it and stomp on it some more. Don't even get me started on the Waway pterodactyl gnats that took pleasure in taunting me.

Come Sunday I hoped that the bad ju ju associated with Bigs was gone. Stacey was coming up to ride. She's fresh off of vacation and a win at Battenkill . It was going to be a long day if I couldn't get my head out of my arse. Luckily, when I ride with Stacey I don't have time to decide what I feel like and how I'm riding. I'm breathing too damn hard and my eyes are usually bleeding.

Secretly, I wanted to pay her back for the 65 mile "easy" road ride she took me on month or so ago. I remember meeting most of the Care Bears and a few Smurfs that day. Mission accomplished. Although, I did have to sacrifice myself for the cause. At times we were laughing so hard it was hard to remain upright. So much work and so much fun.

Gigundo mulch piles from the building of the new gas pipeline.

Stacey: Do you think we could ride down it?

Me: What?

Stacey: Do you think we could ride down it?

Me: Did you take your medication this morning?

I totally saw this going in the Jackass direction. We needed to get out of there.

Michaux Maximus this weekend. Just hoping to keep it together enough to not finish 2 hours behind. So far only 3 other women are pre-registered. Could be another top 5 finish for me. Why go to a race down the street where you can ride your bike to the venue in under 10 minutes when you can wake-up at 2 a.m. and drive 4 hours to PA?

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