Thursday, June 9, 2011


This past week the Dark Horse boys and I headed to Boulder, CO for SSUSA. We went out with the intentions to try and win the venue competition and bring SSUSA back to NY. However, we quickly realized that the whole thing is not really our thing. Didn't make the trip any less enjoyable. We still made asses out of ourselves in the venue competition. Isn't that what it's all about? I will say that most of our fun happened outside of the SSUSA activities.

Mornings started with pancakes made by Top Chef...

"I like my pancakes a little less rare."

The day before the race we got to experience the hardest hard-pack I've ever experienced at the Betasso Preserve. I think we all had tires that were intended for wet rocks and roots and not dust on crust. The fast, smooth, off-camber single track made us all smile. There were some near misses with a couple of us (me) almost flying off into the canyon.


Waiting for the cruiser ride for SSUSA was probably a more entertaining experience than parts of the cruiser ride. Paul had a harrowing porta-potty incident. I've never seen an Italian turn that white. I don't know that he will ever be the same.

Porta-potty PTSD

Round #1 for the venue competition was tubing down a creek. George and Rossi represented. Paul and I were mere spectators...THANK GOD!

George riding the rapids

Rossi minus part of his shin

Round #2 of the venue competition took place at Shooters and consisted of chugging a PBR and then riding the bull. Shortest time for the PBR and longest time on the bull. George and I were the lucky ones. Most of my PBR went down my shirt. It's been a while since I've shot-gunned a PBR so I was a little out of practice. The bull riding was more my thing.

Da Bull

Saturday morning we drove up to the Nederland High School for the start of SSUSA. There was a 6 mile roll-out to the actual start of the race. The elevation was not kind to us flatlanders. When your lungs are screaming for O2, your legs feel like lead and you want to barf in the roll-out you know it's not going to be a good day.

There were rumors flying around about how hard the course was. Nothing of note that I would call difficult. Nothing gnarly. The jeep road at the beginning was more rude than anything. Mostly just because we had to walk it right from the start. The experience was difficult because of the elevation. We have much crazier shit here on the East Coast. I will say that the flowing single track at the top through the pines was amazing. The views were amazing. Rossi throwing snow balls at George and me is also right up there in the memory bank. Getting lost sucked but the views were incredible. I just tried to take it all in. The worst part was the 6 mile ride back to the truck from the finish.


Bike Derby at the 303 Distillery for the belt

Post-race festivities were held at the 303 Distillery. A bike skidding competition was held and the venue winner was announced. It was pre-ordained that SSUSA was going to VT. Had to go through the motions, though. Kudos to Paul for skidding. I was afraid I would break a hip or something. SSUSA 2012 will be held in VT. A little taste of East Coast riding will be nice for SSUSA.

Angry birds on a plane


Trip quotes of note:

1. "Please, Paul. No more sitar music."

2. "That just happened."

3. "Never break more than one law at one time."

4. "Make sure you hit the peanut butter vein."

5. "I wanted to wait until we got to the house to tell you this...I have night blindness. I couldn't see a damn thing when I was driving."

6. "Purdy little love song..."

A great trip with friends. Where are we going next?

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