Thursday, December 6, 2012

My doctor was right (you'd think he's been wrist specialist for 20 years or something). The MRI confirmed that I have a tear in the triangular fibrocartilage and joint damage exactly where he said it was. I got a lecture and was told to take up swimming. He told me there is a 95% chance I will need surgery in the future. It could be 6 months. It could be years. Although, with my activity level, choice of activities and arthritis, he's thinking my date is more realistic. I'm shooting for late September/early October 2013. It's good to have a goal. I'm hoping the two cortisone injections I got today take the edge off and buy me some time. I've done pretty well with cortisone injections in other joints, so I'm hoping my wrist will be no different.

Anything that involves twisting and pronation and I'm screwed. I 'm using my left arm more than ever and I know it's gotten a hell of a lot stronger. Still working on that right-sided dismount off the bike. I am also caving and buying a left-handed can opener. I finally understand the pain that has been plaguing lefties for years.

And now for some non-injury, non-bike related news. We are thinking about about adding a new family member. My co-worker has been asking me if I want to come "look" at her parents' rottie. He's "young and bored" as her mother is ill and can't really do much with him and they spend a lot of their time in Florida. Her sister takes minimal care of him while they are gone. I've been putting meeting him off for a year (mainly because I'm still heartbroken over Ike) and her dad asks her if I've reconsidered every day. Let's just say she's sly always finds a way to sneak in cute stories about him and texts me photos. Today, I finally caved and told her we will be there this weekend. We could go and meet him and it may not work. We may not get along. Of course, it is always a possibility that we may have 120lbs. + of dog this weekend.

If it does happen, I have a feeling Mike will feel more at ease leaving me alone when he goes away for a week or two.  


  1. Bummer about the wrist. Here is hoping you can make it last until the fall of 2013 and the shots help! So...the cute pup in the photo. Is he part of your family now???

    1. We are still in the process...going back to visit him. :>) He's VERY cute, but has been living with NO RULES. Mike and I have to be sure we are ready to put in the work. We'll see...