Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I don't remember the last time that I used my blinkie taillight at midday for a ride. The picture actually makes it look a lot clearer than it actually was. After riding in this on Saturday and being a little scared for my life at points, I decided to do a headlight and blinkie on Sunday. It was the kind of fog that when I heard a car behind me I talked to myself, "Please see me, please see me...Oh, good." There were a few of us out there. Nowhere near the usual amount of cyclists on the road for a Sunday.There's something about doing a ride in less than stellar conditions that gives me more satisfaction than a beautimous, sunny day. Whether it be a toad strangler rain, peanut butter mud up to eyeballs, ice, freezing appendages or a blanket of fog, I feel like I accomplished a little more on those days. Physically, yes, it's the same ride. Mentally, well, that's another story. Sometimes the brain needs the dreaded "t" word as well.

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