Monday, March 18, 2013

Time Flies

There's a giggling groundhog somewhere and the snow on our lawn disagrees, but spring is nigh. Forecast is another 3 -6  inches tonight. One more blip and I'm hoping we're done. I'm over it. It's not even about the not being able to ride in the woods. There's some dirt out there to be enjoyed. Just give me some flippin' sunshine already!!!

With spring comes races (gulp). I kind of have been ignoring the calendar. Today it finally hit me it was mid-March. When did this happen? Call it denial. Call it busyness. Call it laziness. I don't know. I looked today and realized that shit's about to get real again. My schedule isn't as jammed packed as others, but I'm trying to squeeze a few more in there if the body will allow. It seems like yesterday I was getting home from Shen.

This morning I woke up with legs and arms that feel like they were put through a meat grinder and then superglued back together. Let's just say the ss and I played on some rocks over the weekend. You lose a little something when you haven't been able to play on them in a while.

As I was riding yesterday, I noticed my left inner thigh region felt a little chaffy. I didn't think much aboutit at first and chalked it up to death gripping the saddle with my thighs until my friend shouted out "I can see skin when you stand! Soon your whole ass will be hanging out! Bahahahaha!!!'' Oh, Lord. Let's just say it got progressively worse and then I felt a nice breeze on my right side as well. These were my favorite winter tights. I was sorry to see them go. I will say that I got my money's worth.

Looks like Tuscarora for me this weekend. If it's gonna be raining and 35 degrees and a slog fest, maybe not. After that, maybe an xc race or another MASS Endurance race and then it's time for the Cohutta 100. I swore I would never go back to that horror show. It all seems to be happening a little too fast this year...

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