Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DH 40

Talk about stinkin peeps. I thought I had experienced the epitome of human ripeness on the
ferry from hell on Saturday...another day of asking myself why I got up early to take a shower.
Oh, yeah...What was with everyone having their shirts off? It was like muscle beach out there! ICK. I know it was hot but c'mon...

Not racing this year I was of course feeding. I gave Grace the rundown on how to feed her dad when he came around. She was all business. It was H-O-T. Not sure how all of those guys with the leis did it. I would have surely barfed.
After giving my niece Grace a quick tutorial of feeding she was ready. She took her job VERY seriously. When my brother didn't come around at the time she thought he should she was P-I-S-S-E-D. At one point she picked up a piece a shale and flung it into the road in anger. Wow, the Linscott competitive spirit is certainly a genetic quality. The Linscott women can be a surly bunch. No joke.
When my brother had finished his 3rd and final lap. Mike, Mom, Grace and I tried to get him back out there. He wasn't having any of that. Some sort of expletive was barked and a bike was flung in the weeds. We tried. Grace told me that she was going to tell everyone in Ohio that he finished all 4. WOW. Rough crowd.
I will say that I have been to a lot of hot races and I've never seen the DNFs as I did on this day. After 1 lap people were calling it quits! There were bodies everywhere!
I didn' race but of course I still had a good time. Thanks DH for the blood, sweat, beers, and poison ivy to get this done. Next year I will be back. ON the bike!

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