Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Muppets Take Manhattan

I do well at avoiding the major NYC tourist attractions. Unfortunately, this past Saturday I couldn't avoid the Statue of Liberty. Grace had to see the Statue of Liberty. Well, my mom HAD to take Grace to see the Statue of Liberty. Someone had planted that seed in Ohio...

The morning began with Mike and I taking Jason to do the normal pre-race ride at the mental house trails and rail trail. After Jason and I showered (why I'm not sure, we would have fit in better had we gone stinkin') we loaded into car and headed to catch a ferry to Liberty Island. Talk about huddled masses. Holy stench and schweaty people!!!

When it was all said and done more time was spent in line waiting to pee and for water. Even Grace had had it. There were a few obligatory speed photo stops and we were back on the ferry. The total time spent was ~ 6 hours. I think only 15 minutes was actually spent looking at Lady Liberty.

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