Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Soigneur

I wonder if Michael Jackson's arms looked this bad before he died? Random thoughts that come to mind after being put through a days worth of tests. I'm most certain I've actually picked up some disease in my travels to various labs, hospitals and doctor's offices. I really enjoyed the two ladies in the masks hacking and coughing on me. Thanks for that.

Now that I feel like I'm truly radioactive all I can do is wait. This is always the best part. There usually is no concrete answer. After years dealing with this I've gotten used to no real reason besides "you're flared up". It's a catch-all response that those of us with auto-immune diseases have come to know and resent. Unfortunately, after hearing it enough you come to accept it.

My symptoms have been different as of late. I know it's something different. Whether some M.D. in a lab coat supports this is another story.

I'm used to being tired, but not this tired. Used to headaches, but these are nasty. Joint pain has always been an issue for me, but the joints that hurt now have never given me much trouble. The night sweats are my favorite by far. I can't wait for menopause. So I wait. The new rheumatologist is thinking it could be an infection (maybe tick borne). I was put on a broad spectrum antibiotic for now to see if that helps. Other than that...well your guess is a s good as mine.

This will be the first time in 3 years (basically since I started to ride a bike) that I'm not going to be able to do the 40. The summer has been a bust...I was feeling great in the winter and early spring and even had a win at the Mash...then, well, April came and it all went to hell...

I have been kidding myself that I can just ride the 40. Right now I wouldn't be able to finish. I keep having delusions that in 2 weeks I will feel miraculously better. Unfortunately, my body doesn't seem to work that way. It's still getting over the illness at the end of April and now some new ailment has come onboard. I'm having issues finishing a full days work, let alone riding a bike.

Every so often I jump on the S/S and go for a cruise. It usually ends abruptly with me wanting to call Mike and have him come pick me up a 1/2 mile from the house. Sad, I know. I'm hoping whatever this is will get better and I'll be back to normal soon. Until then I'm a Soigneur.

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