Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Redington Pass

As I was climbing up Redington I could hear guns. Shotguns, hand guns...the theme song of the NRA. It was like being in the Wild freakin' West (or back in Appalachia, take your pick). Seems to be a popular place for those with an itchy trigger finger. Just pull over, set-up up targets and fire away. As I was climbing all I could think (besides my Dad would love this place) is that I hope nothing ricochets off a rock and hits me. Fast forward 10 more miles and I was looking to take a bullet. Where in the hell am I?

There is no cell service , no Verizon Navigator, and definitely NO ONE to hear me scream. It was exhilarating and there are no words for the view. Amazing.

I do have to give props to the boys and girls who raced this climb for SSUSA. Wow. 12 miles of up before they turned onto the singletrack. Even when you're descending you're ascending here. Makes no sense but it's true. I will never bitch about another east coast climb again!

As you can see, even the trail maps are fair game.

Like I have to be told to stay on the trail. No bushwhacking here. I was on the trail and was afraid I wasn't following the trail.


Somewhere on FR 37

I was cruising at a pretty good clip on the AZ trail and my foot began to burn like hell. I've heard about you cholla. The evil little ball of spikiness got thrown up and went between my crank and foot. Not the most pleasant experience.
It was really fun pulling out a few spines when I got back to the house. I'm sure certain relatives are enjoying the thought of me in pain.

Cholla Attack

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  1. You totally missed out on the 2 feet of snow we just got.