Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome to Tucson: Where Everyone Can See You Pee

Morning View

I really have no gripes about AZ. How could I? We have ~3 feet of snow on the ground back east. Besides my very first day, I've been in a s/s jersey and shorts every ride. There is one thing I can't get used to--The fact that there is no place to pee safely. Men have it a little easier. We have to work a little more. Everything is so open here. People appear quickly out of no where. You could go behind a cactus or two and if you're lucky find a giant saguaro. Of course, there are a few risks involved in that venture. On the road-even more dicey. You may as well stop at the Circle K or else the cops may be called because you're squatting in someone's driveway. There are no little gullies or trees or rocks to hide behind to do your business. You have to take your chances here. Trust me. Even if you're in the back country you risk exposure. If someone is sight seeing from atop a lookout and looks onward for miles at a mountain I'm pretty sure they could see my white ass like it's a metallic piece of wreckage reflecting the sun. I've kind of gotten used to the whole speed peeing thing. It's now part of my workout. Do I really care if I get caught in the act? Not so much. I just really feel bad for the innocent onlookers. When you gotta go you gotta go...


Somewhere in Saguaro National Park

Redington Pass from Saguaro National Park

"Strange things are afoot at the Circle K" -Ted, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

It's been awhile since I've been able to use that one. Had to slip it in there.

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