Friday, November 9, 2012

Back to Normalish

Things are finally getting back to normal for us. Power and water are back and the water trucks are being taken away. That means good news for the neighborhood. 

There is one good thing that came out of this. My fridge has never been so clean. That was probably one of the nastiest cleaning jobs I've undertaken in a while. Half filled gel flask count: 9. I'm sure they were all festering with bacteria and funk. The best part is one had leaked and they were all cemented to the fridge. Damn, we are gross. They all got the boot. The bottom of the vegetable drawer is always a questionable place and this time it did not disappoint. Dry heaves. There's always some identifiable mush or a cucumber that has turned to liquid at the bottom and inevitably spills or gets on me and in my hair. The fear of liquefied veggies rivals that of expired dairy products.

I'v been staying away from the bike (or trying to) because of my little whoopsie a few weeks ago when I launched myself at speed into an uphill rock garden and landed with full weight on a bent left knee. It felt okay yesterday during a pre-work snow/slush ride. There's still a little pain when stand. I could still kind of walk up and down stairs this morning and so it's on the up and up.

I don't foresee me doing Cathedral Pines. It's not in the cards. Pushing around a big gear for 6+ hours is probably not a wise choice. I don't want a knee to ruin my winter... and then the spring and then the summer.

Planning on another singlespeeding endurance season for 2013.
I must go into it with a happy body.

Oh yeah, Whole30 completed. More on that later...

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