Monday, November 19, 2012

The "S" Word

Staff meeting Monday. Since it is my birthday this week, a co-worker made me a birthday cake. Batman. What else?

I hear it was tasty, too. Unfortunately, I couldn't participate in the cake eating. Although the Whole30 is over, I'm still trying to stick to it. I had one of my most positive rheumatologist visits to date and even my doctor said I should keep it up. I haven't had an appointment in 10+ years where I haven't had ANY ulcerations in my nose, mouth or eyelids. I was clear. CLEAR. Whole30? I don't know for sure, but it's worth staying on the path. I still have to do a Whole30 experience post. For those of you who are curious and have been asking I will have it up soon. It's a lot to process.

In other good news, the knee feels good. I've been out trail running and hiking and navigating Superstorm Sandy's trail reroutes. And with all of this good news there of course has to be some bad news. The wrist. The wrist was getting better after my initial cross practice crash and then I hurt it again flipping a bag of ice over my shoulder during Sandy. Something went "SNAP". I went into my usual denial that it would heal up. Not happening. Saw a doctor last week and he thinks it's torn cartilage/ligaments. I have an appointment with another specialist on Wednesday. I'm hoping that it will just be a splint. I would even take a cast at this point. I'll be good. I swear. I just don't want to hear the "S" word.

I don't like that word.

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