Thursday, July 18, 2013


I'm not sure what is is about summer and where we live in particular (oh wait, yes I do...heat and humidity and living near a creek), but the crayfish go crazy. If you are sitting in our front room and the windows are open, you can actually hear them crawling up the driveway. I've had to wait for dogs, cats, bears and geese to cross our road, but this time of year I regularly have to wait for these attitudinal little creatures to get out of the way.

It's also the time of year when the rhododendron are blooming.

They are pretty, but they get a little flirtatious and downright aggressive at times. They have a tendency to get a little ornery and grab you off the bike.

This summer there will be a first for me. With some feet dragging, whining and lots of peer pressure,  instead of being a spectator/handler, I will be participating at the Cross Country Nationals in Macungie, PA. Notice the use of the word "participating". Much to some people's surprise I did not go in the SS Category. I chose to go in my age group (younger old ladies) and am going to race my fully for the first time.  I don't expect to do anything other than finish and get a high intensity workout. I have the W101 on the singlespeed the following weekend, so we'll get plenty of quality time there. I'm not worried our relationship will suffer.

I have this nifty, new bike with shifty bits and cush now and I kinda want to ride it. Plus, why not ride a bike with a little cush at a rocky, technical course? I also registered for the Super D which should be a good time. My first Super D experience was a blast on the singlespeed and I'm assuming it will even be more fun on the fully. I could be wrong, but it does gives me a good excuse to break out the baggies.

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