Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Here

I'm pretty good at winter. I know it's supposed to be the time of year when I'm supposed to get upset  and curse the weather for being so cold and making the conditions a little tough. I live in the Northeast. Why wouldn't I expect a wintry torture? I'm not saying I love winter or prefer it, I just think it's a necessary evil. If there was no winter I wouldn't appreciate that first day when I can wear light gloves and actually steer and brake. I would also never get to smile that smile of both relief  and embarrassment when I get to put shorts on for the first time and show my pasty (and most likely hairy) legs. What about the day you feel really fast and then realize it's just because you are no longer cocooned under 15 lbs. of clothing? I especially love that day.



New shoes, new tights and new gloves are coming soon. I've dragged my feet long enough and duct tape, although a modern marvel, has taken me as far as it could. I'm hoping for a winter without my toes, fingers and ass hanging out.

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