Monday, December 9, 2013

Home with Bowie Instead

Well, my weekend did not go as planned. We had planned on going down to Philly for sscxwcphilly. We were registered, had a room and plans with some great folks. Friday I did my shakedown ride to see if my newly ordained sscx bike was in acceptable working order. The bike was great. I on the other hand was not feeling so chipper. It had been a really rough week with very little sleep because the body was having a little fight with itself. I felt flarey and a bit feverish on Friday before we were supposed to leave and I had to make the call. My hands were terrible. It was not an easy call. I could have not "raced" and still have gone for the party. However, when I feel like that I'm not much fun (In fact, I'm a total bummer) and socializing and fun are the last things on my mind. All I want is my pajamas, tea, a couch and bad TV. I could have gone and maybe have felt better, but I knew there was a good chance that if I went I could possibly be sick for a couple of weeks after. I couldn't risk it. I'm on immunosuppressants right now and prednisone still, so it was the smart thing to stay home. I rarely choose the smart thing.

Friday I made the call and decided that I was going to sleep. I really don't like to take the drugs they give me for pain and sleep because I feel so terrible on them and the next day I feel so hungover that I may as well have been doing shots of tequila all night. Well, I caved and I slept. With pharmaceuticals comes crazy dreams for me. I had a dream that David Bowie lived with us. He was an excellent cook but shockingly messy. I did not expect that out of Ziggy Stardust. Iman was not allowed to visit at the house because she was too mean and those were the house rules.

I didn't get to play in costume on a singlespeed cross bike with my friends in Philly. I'm bummed I missed the show. That's the way it goes, I guess. Live to fight another day. At least my house guest made me some killer scones.

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