Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back On the Bike (Kinda)

After holding down the couch for 2 weeks I finally got cleared to "ride"(I don't consider under 30 minutes 2x a week at a really low heart rate really "riding"). It really wasn't the kind of ride that I wanted to do, but at least I was on the bike and I got to be dirty once again...I forgot how much I enjoyed being sweaty and muddy...

I just went on a local rail trail. Flat. Boring. However, I seem to have a knack for finding mud puddles. I actually just really enjoyed putting my iPod on and riding my bike. After not doing anything and being limited to 20 minutes of activity for two weeks I was exhausted after 15 minutes! That's sad. From 4+ hours at tempo to barely being able to turn over the pedals for 15 minutes. It's humiliating and somewhat depressing. I can't even manage the 30 minutes 2x a week, yet!! That seems daunting. I'm hoping each day I get back a little more.

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