Friday, May 22, 2009

Single-Speed-A-Palooza Pre-Ride

I met Wendi at Stewart to pre-ride the Single-Speed-A-Palooza course. Wendi had never been on a SS. I brought Roxie for her to try out. I decided to give one of Mike's 29ers a whirl. Not sure if I will be up for the race, but it was fun to take a friend out who's never been on a rigid SS. Wendi rode like rockstar! I was riding pretty well. I still tire quickly and can feel that my fitness has eroded. Most of the time spent was trying to get used to the big wheels. I did misjudge the size of the handlebars. I got a little too comfortable on a piece of singletrack and was pushing my limits a little. It felt great to fly through singletrack again! I hit my left knuckle on a tree...the next thing I knew I was eating dirt and leaves. Wendi caught up with me and found me on the ground (nothing knew if you've ridden with me often enough). She helped me clear the debris from my helmet and we were on our way....

That will be really pretty in a few days! I'll take the "wounds". At least I'm back on the bike!

So the big race is Sunday, May 31st. It's going to be a lot of fun! If I can't race I'm going to at least volunteer. I can at least make myself useful...

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