Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The First Aid Kit Comes In Handy

So another preride on Monday and more wounds. I rode with Mike, Rob, Jesse, and Wendi . I was pushing a really big gear on a 29er. Since I was keeping up the same cadence as I would on a 26er I was going much faster than I am used to and the handling becomes a little tricky. It didn't feel like I was going that fast. That's the beauty of a 29er.
I was keeping up with Mike and Rob. At certain regathering points I would ride in and lie and say I did not crash. However, the blood, dirt, and tree branches sticking out of my helmet gave me away. Mike was so NOT amused!! I did get the hang of it. Who knew the bike had brakes? Apparently, you're supposed to use them...

Pictures really don't do the color or the swelling of the knee justice.

The elbow took another hit.
Yes, I have Tegaderm!!

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