Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I think this is the first three day weekend in a while where I could call it a success. Or at least a success for me. There's usually some sort of un-fun home project or I'm sick and down for the count. Yes, the house project would have probably been a good idea (mainly cleaning). Not really at the top of my priority list this past weekend (or ever for that matter). Here's my recap:

Friday: Easy ride to Waway with Mike. Wanted him to show me the new Pumphouse go 'round trail because I was giving a Bearscat 50 tour on Saturday. Fell off of new rock bridge and into the water. I was sitting in the drink up to my neck. No pictures because I went ass first and my cell phone was in my jersey pocket. I know there would have been a lot of joy spread by that photo. I do apologize.

Saturday: Rode with Reba, George and Rick. Gave a tour of the Bearscat 50 course. First hot and humid day in the woods. Great day with friends!

Sunday: Dark Horse ride/Surprise B-day party for Webb. Fun stuff. Mmmmm....cake. Did I mention that there was cake?

Monday: Slapped a road gear on Mo and did a long road ride in Harriman. Hazy, hot and humid...glad I was not in the woods. I'm sure it was sticky and buggy as hell. Got the normal looks and questions from the roadies because not only was I on knobbies I was on a SS with knobbies. Was told to "shift" and asked "How do you climb hills on that thing?" by a guy in a full Radio Shack kit and a $10,000 Colnago. Idiot. Really disappointed that I didn't have my phone to take a pic. I rode by the beach and WOW. There was some "talent" out there yesterday.

Tonight: Legs are beat. Finally thinking about packing for Boulder. I have it in my head what I'm bringing. Now I just have to actually do. I guess it's time to get my shit together. This is really happening, isn't it? What in the hell have I gotten myself into?

New phone should be here tomorrow. I'll need photo evidence.

7 a.m. Thursday morning we will be on our way...

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