Monday, May 23, 2011

Stewart Six Pack

The Stewart Six Pack is in the books. Seven hours and 60 miles on the SS. Lots of mud. Lots of fun. Lots of saddle sores.

No, I did not recycle pics from SSAP. I didn't think it was possible, but the conditions were actually worse than SSAP. At least at SSAP you had puddles of water so when you rode through some of the crap got washed away. There were a few water holes on the Six Pack course. Mostly there were mud holes, sloppy ups and wet and evil shale. Each lap the mud got greasier and greasier. It was like riding in chocolate sorbet. At one point during my final lap I took my hand off the bars to wipe my eye and the next thing I knew my front wheel was flipped around and facing me and I was on the ground. Won't try that move again.

I rode Mo, the 29er S-Works Carbon SS. I still chose a pretty tall gear for the mud and for 6 hours. Gus the Bus (my Specialized Marathon single) was in the truck to be packed for Boulder. I thought about changing bikes because Gus has a smaller gear on. It was just a fleeting thought. I told myself that "the Lumberjack was coming". The bigger gear won. I practiced eating and drinking on schedule. For something that I do so well off the bike why does it have to be so hard on the bike? In the end it all worked out. I started so slow. Thanks to Ma Nature and copious amounts of pollen in the air my breathing has been less than desirable for the last couple of days. I knew if I pushed at all in the first couple hours I was going to DNF.

The first few laps were rough. I found my rhythm and my breath at around hour 3 and after that the laps seemed easier. I began craving movie theater popcorn and Slim Jims. Not sure what all that means, especially together. Maybe I'm deficient in processed foods. I was mapping out the drive home in my head to see if it was possible to swing by a movie theater and get some popcorn. I came in before the 6 hour cut-off and I knew I was going for another lap. No question. At that point I had my own little pit crew and cheering section. Hawaiian Mike, Rob and Mike were all there to cheer me on. Mike had dropped out. Not shocking since he had some sort of stomach funk all week. Usually, I am the pit crew/cheering squad so it was nice that the roles were reversed.

Poop flavored cake batter before the pudding covered bridge..Mmmmn tasty.

Getting my "Major Award" for 2nd (I chose the picture with the least amount of chins)

Ike had one hell of a day. He would like to thank Janice and Rossi for looking out for him.

I'll get to these sometime this week... or maybe I'll just throw them away and buy new ones.

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  1. awesome job!! way to push thru for the 6th lap! i just didn't have the legs for #6. but it was truly good times!!