Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rescue Mission

Easy spins are so boring to me. On Tuesday night I had a purpose. It made the time pass so much faster.

I found my little turtle friend trying to cross Lakeshore Drive at rush hour on Upper Greenwood Lake. I jumped off my bike and threw it to the side and waited for my opportunity to save him from being road kill. I've been known to stop on Margaret King Ave to pull a box turtle from the road. I couldn't handle if I saw turtle smash that I could have prevented.

I put him in my back jersey pocket to take him to a safer place and he climbed up my back as I was riding. I stopped and retrieved him and he got the thumb and forefinger treatment all the way to his new home near Cascade Lake in Warwick, NY. Some quad trail and a few rock gardens...Hope he enjoyed the ride!

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