Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weird NJ

To make the usual pre-race spin-out less monotonous I cruised around the abandoned Overbrook/Essex County Hospital. I'm no stranger to abandoned mental hospitals. In my hometown of Athens, Ohio there is an area called "The Ridges" which is made up of the old grounds of an abandoned state mental hospital. I remember we used to drive through there at night and freak each other out. We used to scare each other with threats that Billy Milligan was coming to get us...

I explored for about an hour today and I have to admit, there were times when I felt a little creeped-out.

Merely a suggestion

One lonely rose bush.

I was adjusting the shifter cables on my bike when I felt a presence. I looked up and the turkeys scared the crap out of me!!

Anyone have to use the john?

Ward 10= Clothing Boutique

There's actually a little write-up on this place at

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