Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Glimmer

Whole30 Day 14 is almost over and Week 3 starts tomorrow. I'm starting to feel decent for about an hour during a workout and anything over that I bonk horribly. After thinking I was going to perish in the woods last weekend after only 15 minutes, I'll take an hour.  It's something. Is it my finest hour? No, not by far. My coordination is still a little wonky and I've noticed my reaction time is a little slow. No snap in the legs and I feel like a slug. The good news is that I have finally started to sleep better and I am waking up and feeling (dare I say it?) pretty damn good. Hoping that sticks. The daily brain fog has subsided and I feel like I can now carry on a conversation and not feel like I suffer from aphasia.

Floating, sinking and rolling is not a good combo. My log rolling skills need work.
Today was the first day I actually thought about cheating. What did I want you ask? A big ice cream cone? Dark chocolate? A Coke? Gummy bears? No, I wanted a Gu. I became frustrated and tired of feeling so damn beat on the bike. I didn't cave. It's not worth it. I slogged through. I've made it this far and so far I can honestly say I've been 100% by the book . I got home and felt like I was going to pass out. I was dizzy and starving. I've yet to be this hungry since I've started this. The sweet potato didn't help. The jerky didn't do it.  I then sat on the porch in my dirty riding clothes eating macadamia nut butter out of the jar like a zombie and washed it down with pineapple and honeydew. Followed by cold tilapia and cold kale. Then tea. Then an apple. Then a plum. Then I felt better.

Two more weeks. Two more weeks.

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