Monday, October 29, 2012


Hurricane Sandy is upon us. Bah. Saturday was spent getting in the final ride before the wet and wind comes and making sure a few things were stashed and battened down. The whole hill behind our house looks like this:

I'm hoping things stay where they should. I really don't want to live with an African Grey parrot in a hotel room.

This has also been the week of Frankenknee. I had a little accident last weekend and lost the ability to go up and down stairs (or an incline) without looking pathetic. I was going to post a picture but it could have been be mistaken for a big, discolored ass cheek. It did not look like a knee until recently when the swollen, juiciness subsided. I can finally see my knee cap again.

Mike, Dave and I went for our pre-storm ride which I am now referring to as the 'Diva Ride'. Somebody needed a Snickers and it wasn't me and it wasn't Dave. That's all I'm gonna say. After 30 minutes of having to walk sideways up ANY incline, I decided to leave the Divaness and do what I could do on the rail trail. It's still a little angry with me today, but I have a feeling I may have a few days to rest it.

All lights are on deck and unfortunately not in anticipation of a night ride
It's Day 22 of the Whole30 today. It actually has gone by pretty quickly. I will say I have been feeling really good. On my ride yesterday, I felt better than I've felt in long time. My right leg and left leg (minus the knee) wanted to party and my lungs felt great. I couldn't get crazy, but I did notice a difference and I did not have that bonky feeling and like I wanted to take a nap on the side of a trail. Hoping there are more of those days to come.

Guess who came out to play for Halloween? Stupid Cadbury. Of course it's together with my other favorite...the holiday Reese's. Reese's always taste better when it's a pumpkin, tree or egg. I didn't do it. I did stare at it and obviously take a picture like a freak.

Instead, I came home and made "Deconstructed Pizza". There is absolutely nothing pizza like about it. Okay, maybe the olives, mushrooms and tomatoes. That's a stretch. It's actually really good. It's just not pizza. I prefer to call it "Meat Surprise with spinach and mushrooms."

Looks like I'm done blogging. Sandy's here and the lights keep flickering. Talk to you on the other side.


  1. Just think of the post Halloween sales after the 30 is up?

    1. Must resist the post-Halloween 75% off stockpile. Must resist.