Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello Again

I shouldn't complain that winter is finally upon us. We have been really lucky. The weekend was more of an awakening to just how good we've had it lately. I usually fair pretty well in the cold if I can keep the Raynaud's under control. I have my system for hands and toes that I've created (and am still perfecting) over the years and I usually can keep them pretty comfortable. Some days I am still screwed, but I've been able to stay outside a lot longer lately by just spending a few bucks, planning, taking extra time and precautionary measures getting dressed. Watching me get ready for a day in the cold is like watching a boxer getting ready for the big event. Just not as cool or as interesting.

Sunday, I went on a hike with the boys. I think (okay, I KNOW) we went a little harder than usual. I don't remember ever being this sore from a hike. I'm wincing and whining when I cough because my abs and back are so sore. I don't get that from the bike. The pace was a lot faster than normal and at the end there was the usual trash talking, shoving and running. And yes, I was the instigator.

After the hike there was a frigid and windy ride at Waway that I had to do. We've been making some adjustments to my bike and I swear I've been on three different bikes this week. I've had tire changes and three fork changes. Each time out it's like the first time. I had to get on the bike to make sure everything was okay because I doubt I'll be on my SS again before I leave. Once I got out there it was a blast. If you've ever ridden at Waway you know it's rocky and technical and that it's usually soft and slimy in sections. It was abnormally fast for Waway. Frozen solid. REALLY fun and a little scary. Perfect combo.

Some magnificent snot rockets were all crusted and frozen to my bike when I rolled home. Oh Winter, how I've missed you.

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